The new things to do in life

Everything we do in our life seems old. It's only the way of doing same things differently. That makes us feel we are doing new things in our life. For example, everyday we eat food, wear cloths, work, sleep. But the day we start doing this things in differently like eating different dishes. Wear same cloths in different ways, cutting them to new designs. Working same project in short time, or finding new ideas to make that project go on national or international level. Changing place for sleep or just changing a pillow can make new sleeping experience. And we might start living more excited or happier.

Let me be your HERO

Let me be the water of your heart and soul,
Let me be the way of your dream goal,
Let me stand by you forever,
Let me be the smile on your face forever,

Our way of living is the key to our success and happiness.

How a ideal life must be?

Ideal Lifestyle It must be successful,
Or it must be painful,
It must be happy and cheerful,
Or it must be sad and tearful.

I'm Just Going to do me


Not everyone you lose is a loss. Sometimes it's what you need. If you've just broken up, read this!

The Life of Eminem

Life of Slim Shady

This 3 Min Video explains Eminem's Life, A must see Eminem Fans must (y) Slim Shady :)

Posted by Slim Shady on Thursday, 17 August 2017
Eminem really really inspire me.

When I feel blues in my life...

When I feel blues in my life...
Posted by Rav Kumar on Friday, 18 August 2017

I wish I can be alone forever



THE OTHER WEEKEND, I found myself at a riverside that connect to ocean on the outskirts of Bangkok at Samutprakan, Thailand during sunset. The sky was spectacular, filled with the bluish grey clouds, oranges, and purples that come after a day of rain. As if on cue, I was with fished smartphone from my pocket and snapped a photo. My phone was already out. All around me, some people were holding their screens up to the sky to document the moment, as if capturing it on camera would somehow make the colors more vivid.

Love so far is just turned to burn the heart

How hard I try to stop myself from thinking about you,
But it's all waste of time,
As you won't be able to understand the feeling of mine,
The way I love is so true,
I can't stop to think about you,
But you just love to flirt around & screwed.

Rapping the way I feel - Dead

The worst things in my life is,
when i am so alone and depressed,
that i feel to die,
And i just left myself alone to cry,
like no one knows me,
deep breath in and out,
its so hard to feel empty in me,
nothing left to loose,
And nothing want to gain,
Just feels like nothing there to do in life,
So I keep Rapping, the way I feel - Dead.

What Matters in the End

Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End

Review on a Book "Being Mortal"

As simple as Ice-Cream – is myLIFE.

Breath in Action,
Make this section,
Moment stay in fraction,
That’s the style of Michael Jackson.

What is Inspiration ?

A thing or person or a word - that gives us power is inspiration. Why is that inspiration so hard to catch for some people's ? Where as it is all around us in our daily life, in our daily activities.

....And so the LION fell in love with the Lamb!

Days where so..
Making Friends together at Wow!!
Chilling out, with beer and Fro..
Thinking nothing, Just riding bikes at WoW!!

Just a matter of Time

Time goes in heaven,
Am not in lemon,
but thinking of you i got sick,
And to let you know, i show the stick.

Clear Vision

The time comes when I know nothing,
A state of being empty,
See the Sun, Up in sky,
shining brightly on me, why?

What is Hiphop?


Everybody ask about it,
You know what is it,
Its hiphop, that make you bloup,
Its history is on the top,

What is True Love?


A love that ask you to be together?
Or A love that ask you to go away, now its over?



Are any rewards in life?
The life that you live,
Did you got any rewards?

I am Guilty

You Know... 

I believe, I could be good...
I come from good family,
I got everything that I need,
But I not did something for them...

Don't know!

 CH: Don't know what wrong i do,
Don't know how far i have to go.

Life is short, But feels to hard to live.
Every second I count,
Every Minute I wait to get out.
Get out from life that i live. CH:...

I AM.... & I Want....

I AM.... & I Want....

I am what I do,
I revel myself,
I see myself,
I am so coz I do.

My Eyes are Open


My eyes are open,
My heart is closed,
My legs are broken,
Can not walk through out this road.

Brain Wash

Brain Wash

With a determination to achieve the highest aim,
For the benefit of all sentient beings,
Which surpasses even the wish-fulfilling gem,
May I hold them dear at all times.

I have NO Right to STAY

I have NO Right to STAY

With you my Heart will consistently stay.
With you my thoughts will be every day.
You abide to be the one that I affliction absolution get away.
Why didn't I say what I bare to say?


When it comes to end,
Life never land,
But to ramp,
always take silent plan towards lamp.

It happens with them who are for it!!

No Pleasure,
No Love;
No Devotion,
No Fun.

This sounds odd,
But am not at that type of mode;

No Expectation

No Expectation,
No Suggestion,
No temptation,
No Slow Motion.

But yes, to bounce back every time fallen,

My Spirit goes on

the spirit shaking everyone
your faces are flowers of darkness
eyes closed
in dancing ecstasy
the spirit shaking everyone
children of the jungle
calling me to sing
forget my nightmares
mangos staining my lips

My Spirit

Obama and Bush Style

                                                               Obama , Bush and Mc Cain

Hey, just look the man with all winning power.


I once had a friend who grew to be very close to me.

Once when we were sitting at the edge of a swimming pool, she filled the palm of her hand with some water and held it before me, and said this: "You see this water carefully contained on my hand? It symbolizes Love."