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The Life of Eminem

Life of Slim Shady

This 3 Min Video explains Eminem's Life, A must see Eminem Fans must (y) Slim Shady :)

Posted by Slim Shady on Thursday, 17 August 2017
Eminem really really inspire me.

When I feel blues in my life...

When I feel blues in my life...
Posted by Rav Kumar on Friday, 18 August 2017

I wish I can be alone forever

Rapping the way I feel - Dead

The worst things in my life is,
when i am so alone and depressed,
that i feel to die,
And i just left myself alone to cry,
like no one knows me,
deep breath in and out,
its so hard to feel empty in me,
nothing left to loose,
And nothing want to gain,
Just feels like nothing there to do in life,
So I keep Rapping, the way I feel - Dead.

Just a matter of Time

Time goes in heaven,
Am not in lemon,
but thinking of you i got sick,
And to let you know, i show the stick.

Clear Vision

The time comes when I know nothing,
A state of being empty,
See the Sun, Up in sky,
shining brightly on me, why?



Are any rewards in life?
The life that you live,
Did you got any rewards?

Don't know!

 CH: Don't know what wrong i do,
Don't know how far i have to go.

Life is short, But feels to hard to live.
Every second I count,
Every Minute I wait to get out.
Get out from life that i live. CH:...

I AM.... & I Want....

I AM.... & I Want....

I am what I do,
I revel myself,
I see myself,
I am so coz I do.

Brain Wash

Brain Wash

With a determination to achieve the highest aim,
For the benefit of all sentient beings,
Which surpasses even the wish-fulfilling gem,
May I hold them dear at all times.


When it comes to end,
Life never land,
But to ramp,
always take silent plan towards lamp.

It happens with them who are for it!!

No Pleasure,
No Love;
No Devotion,
No Fun.

This sounds odd,
But am not at that type of mode;