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How to Let Go?

In easy ways or in one line to let go suffering - "Let go of our ego of I, me and mine." Thinking of anything, even the body of ourself as "ours" is cause of ego that leads  to suffer.

The Origin of all suffering is attachment. Attached to the concept of 'me' or 'mine'. For example if this house of mine is on fire, I suffer the most. If the house on fire is not mine, I may just feel sorry for the owner. But it won't be too long before I forget that feeling. Things that are me or mine. Whether it is my child, my house or my things, are the most significant. Things that are 'not mine' are trivial. This is usual how it is. When changes occur to our things, this affects our feelings. We are concerned that 'our things' may one day be gone or taken away from us. This is suffering caused by us being attached to the concept of 'me' or 'mine'. 'Letting go' does not mean like one have to live like a monk, In monk c…

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