You can't push time

You want to

You cant stop it either

You try

You cant run around trying to be all things to all women

Thats people pleasing

You cant beat yourself up too badly about things that have happened, might happen, wont happen,

Thats aimless, like an arrowed apple fallen, in fall,

You cant hurt when there is nothing to hurt about, just heal from, by, with, and walk through,

You cant belittle, when we are all equal,

You cant give up, its impossible,

You can be

In this moment, now,

a tiny coffee grained granule of a second,

Be,and then you will know something more about yourself,

No thinking or thoughts, no worries or fears, just be....

and what you feel is mighty, pure, truth,

Some say its Love, indefinably personal and there for you,

Some say its nothing

I say its a miracle...

Now, begin to " be".


I am like a solitary star
shining in the sky,
and I do not need another
to glitter.

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