Don't know!

 CH: Don't know what wrong i do,
Don't know how far i have to go.

Life is short, But feels to hard to live.
Every second I count,
Every Minute I wait to get out.
Get out from life that i live. CH:...

Making my heart lonely every-time,
Thinking i will get love from all time.
This is not dream and i wake up with lime,
Its sour to taste the truth with i have to live. CH:..

My heart is just to love,
My heart is just to follow,
I just find the treasure of Love,
i am such kind of fellow. CH:...

I just come here not for any wish,
Then why heart try to find some miss,
I need to go away fro this kiss,
But then where i go everywhere i see some miss. CH:....

I just wish if i don't tell you truth,
You would be with me.
But today you are gone,
And i hate myself to speak the truth. CH:........


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