Are any rewards in life?
The life that you live,
Did you got any rewards?
What kind of rewards?
Did you keep them with you?
Did you share them?
How often you get rewards?

You might wonder,
What this question all I plunder.
Nothing Just i go to some news in December thunder,
And i find the word - driver.
Who is this driver.

An Austrian Bus driver,
what about him?
He is honest person.
How do you know?
He got the bag with $510K
Oh thats amazing?
Where he got the bag?
In his bus?

What he do with that bag?
Party, Shopping, Traveling or other?
No, No, None of them.
You can't imagine he did with it.
He get it to the police,
And hand over to the owner of it.
Oh that so amazing..
Do you want to know who is the owner?
Yes, Its a elderly women who take that whole money out of here savings,
Yes, Savings. Its just one question?
What should be him rewarded?
If be you, What you want in return?
Comment, if you have something to say.

Source: Yahoo News

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