Love - The way it Ends, It Pains.

I always make you cry,
But you still love me why?
I am not there to see how you cry,
But i can feel it the way your tears dry.
And you still love me, I want to know why?

I am the way i love you so high,
I tell you truth and i never lie,
Its just one thing that i say you to try,
Be happy and keep smiling and never any more cry.

I touch your heart,
I touch your feeling,
I touch the way you living.
I make you rock,
And I make you know,
The new way to breath in,

And then the time passed,
As the season change,
The love change,
And we kneeled.

I don't know how to be together,
Just know the way to make love together.
I am not the concluder,
But we have decided everything together.


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