What is True Love?


A love that ask you to be together?
Or A love that ask you to go away, now its over?
I am not just a one who don't know what love means?
But many of you have question why it become so mean?

Think of the time you want it to cheese,
Think of the time you happen to miss it and ask please..
Think when you were alone and someone come to say these,
Hey I click your photo - "Smile Please" , "Cheese".

I don't know what will be the future,
But I know the past that has so many colors,
I am scrood up in past and future,
And my present is massed with no colors.

I happen to post this title - What is True Love?
Do anyone know its just like word or some mystery come from above?
I am just standing beside you,
Asking you to think on it and let me know you..

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