Love so far is just turned to burn the heart

How hard I try to stop myself from thinking about you,
But it's all waste of time,
As you won't be able to understand the feeling of mine,
The way I love is so true,
I can't stop to think about you,
But you just love to flirt around & screwed.

I am tired of this day,
When you not listen me to stop your play,
I feel so sad,
I see you getting mad,
Every-time I try to make you only mine,
But you are always out of your line.

I am amazed about myself,
Why am I in love with you,
Why am I still thinking of you,
Why am I still waiting to be with you,

I want to leave you all on your own life,
And I don't want any strife,
Hence, I stop my heart,
Not to tell you my way of loving art.
I not let you be apart,
Rather just agree to be outsmart.

You win and I am Lost,
I remain quite to become frost,
That's all true things about us so far,
And fallen are the ash of a cigar.

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