Rapping the way I feel - Dead

The worst things in my life is,
when i am so alone and depressed,
that i feel to die,
And i just left myself alone to cry,
like no one knows me,
deep breath in and out,
its so hard to feel empty in me,
nothing left to loose,
And nothing want to gain,
Just feels like nothing there to do in life,
So I keep Rapping, the way I feel - Dead.

Sad for the things i've done in my life,
Blame myself to be born,
Blame myself to fall in love,
Blame myself, Yes I am wrong to live in this way.

Blame Myself and can't forgive myself to be here,
where nothing is possible and everywhere is just darkness,
My heart, today is filled with sadness,
I wish I could have been bad in my past.
I wish I could have ruined others life in a very bad ways,
But instead I have just given them my life to ruine my feelings.
So I keep Rapping, the way I feel - Dead.

How does it feel to be ALONE,
Its only one who knows this sadness will realise and keep themself alone forever.
Or Just run out of there life to do something Alone with a freedom.
But I don't have that freedom to do what i ever have wished.
I have made myself locked in a relationship.
But the one who is with me, can't feel the same as I do.
It's sad if we lock someone in relationship and they are not happy about it.
So I just let our loved once be free to do what they want it.
But I myself be sad alone.
And keep hurting myself,
realising one day I am sure to be Dead.
I hurt myself, till I gonna be Dead.
And I keep Rapping, I wanna be Dead.
oh yes, I Rapping to be dead.

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