I'm Just Going to do me


Not everyone you lose is a loss. Sometimes it's what you need. If you've just broken up, read this!

That relationship was draining so much of your energy, you put your work and friends aside and so often we end up losing ourselves in our relationships. I think this is the time that you can really find yourself again. I think you need to take a moment - take a step back. Press Pause & reflect. And use this as a period in your life where you can re-invest in your own happiness, your own fulfillment. Ask Yourself questions like, What is it That I am really passionate about? What am I excited about? What is it that really fuels and drives me? And when you start there, you find the you won't be looking for someone else to fill thouse gaps and one of the things that I really want you to remember is that "It's not about being with someone who makes you happy, it's about being someone who makes you happy."

 I start focus on myself. I take care of my health (Exercise/yoga/meditation), spending time with my friends again, and even manage to complete my own blog. Let's get Happy Hour right now. I want some margaritas. Yeah - and like four Miller Lite's. It feels good in middle of our own happiness, my beloved is back and love's me again. But I don't want my happiness to be based on anyone's feelings, because than I am doing the same thing again. I don't feel like I'm not good enough for them, or have to be better for them anymore. I'm Just Going to do me.

It's miracle to see when I start caring of myself. It feels like magic in me. I exercise, it feels my muscle stressed and relaxed. Then about Yoga and meditation, our inner strength is rebuild. I breath in and out and it's magical thing to do every second but we never realize it unless we become calm. Just like breath, our time and out moments of life comes in and goes out. In same way we all come in this earth and we all have to go out from this lovely place. So I just stay happy with myself and feel the magic of in and out.

 "Before being with someone who made me happy, I needed to be the someone who made me happy."

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