Let me be your HERO

Let me be the water of your heart and soul,
Let me be the way of your dream goal,
Let me stand by you forever,
Let me be the smile on your face forever,

It's so Little life,
It's so much pending to love,
It's so Little feelings,
And it's so much pending to care each other...

Let our world be our small family,
Let our life make this all healthy,
Let this time be everyday,
Let this love stay together with Potatao Lay,
Let this evening make the time fine and say,
What a lovely couple walking together on this way,

Hold one hand in my hand,
Hold other hand at my shoulder,
Keep your feets on my feets,
And I step to go into the deep blue seas...

Let us love again,
Let us be together again,
Let the love inside us show,
It's just a little heart,
Then why to let it apart,
You can't reap what you don't sow,
Let us rejoice again and grow,
Be together again and again, it's a WOW!!

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