Our way of living is the key to our success and happiness.

How a ideal life must be?

Ideal Lifestyle It must be successful,
Or it must be painful,
It must be happy and cheerful,
Or it must be sad and tearful.

How do we define Success?

Define Success You become more than you are and get more than you got, Only by bring the change in yourself, that you like to see the change around you. It's bounded by the law of attraction, and to leave all kind of persuasion. It's tendency to become the change, rather then just to get things done. Only way to get things better for you is when you get better. If seasons change, it is better to change ourself. It's better to prevent the effects of the seasons, Find things out of box, find the right direction to move on. Repeatedly to do right things become habit to Excel. Hence, We keep on to get everything we desire, known as SUCCESS.

What is the way of living?

Way of Living But after got anything or everything, do you feel content? Or you get fear to loose them? Then what we achive is zero. If we remember ourself to detach from this worldly desires, And have faith in ourself to be calm as much as possible in every second of our life. Then we got the feel to become content in our life. And once this contentment is at the peak of our priorities, We learn the way of living.

What is art of living?

Art of Living Experiences teaches us more and more to follow the modest living.
The middle path to be content on the reflection of our actions, Acceptence of the consequences in a peaceful way, To find the inner peace in our action, And at the same time to keep peace around us.
Only then and there we learn from our experiences, And living become a peaceful state of mind, known as art of living.

What is Happiness?

Doing what you like is freedom, liking what you do is happiness Coming down to the conclusion,
Where we began to act in the state of ending something with peace,
Leaving the self desire and reacting the way it has nothing to effect our inner soul,
Bring the happiness to our life.

What to do of Sadness?

seek out of sadness Acceptence of the change,
And prevention from getting hurt again,
is the only way to come out of Sadness.

What is our Daily Assignment?

Basically, Life consist a Daily Routine of Single-Tasking,
To stay in that Movement with the focus on One Goal,
And eliminate the Non-Essential elements,
With all it's positive thinking and kindness.
This can lead us to ideal life.

Now think for a movement to decide

"your key to success"

"your happiness"

"your way of living"

And start reacting to your thoughts to bring peace of mind, body and soul.

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