The new things to do in life

Everything we do in our life seems old. It's only the way of doing same things differently. That makes us feel we are doing new things in our life. For example, everyday we eat food, wear cloths, work, sleep. But the day we start doing this things in differently like eating different dishes. Wear same cloths in different ways, cutting them to new designs. Working same project in short time, or finding new ideas to make that project go on national or international level. Changing place for sleep or just changing a pillow can make new sleeping experience. And we might start living more excited or happier.

For me it might be some of the things to start now are -

1. Write Songs and Make Music: This is something where we can feel touch to heart. The heart as feelings and feelings are expressed in form of words known as Song. Music add the spices to this words, just like we add spices in our food for taste. Music make words tasty.

2. Travel around in Weekends: Travel make learning of life i.e., never ending process. Go on walk, somewhere to learn, to feel, to experience new things. We work, we live, but we may forget how others live. Travel remind us to live more widely and wildly.

3. Start Morning Weekday Workout: Weekdays are meant to be worked, study and implement things daily. Exercises bring the passion to do this things daily. So workout and feel more fresh and amazing of yourself. At start it may be hard to workout. So just give a stretching as in this video

4. Smile Everyday: Smile at Life and Life will smile back to you. Life is mirror of what you give.

5. Write Daily Blog Post: To define your goals. To learn and share your experiences. To make living more simple, smooth and happier.

6. Dance: ABCD - Any Body Can Dance. A simple way to express once feeling in action. A way to let yourself realize you exist. A way to make self more happier. It is a way we feel kick in heart to breath more freely.

7. Cook Food for yourself: Health food is best way to keep once self health. Cooking make us understand the food we eat. The taste of every ingredients make us understand the life is just like a recipe of ingredients in it. Every dish is like a moment we create and taste that moment. Food is just like our life. Make every Dish like a Moment of our life, add flavors to it and make it more delicious. Some flavors (things/people) are so good for that dish (moment), so just add them in that recipe (moment). Understanding food is just like understanding life.

8. Organize Everything: Tackle life is never easy. Life is Big. Choose something small and manageable. Like in this movement start from Home — Restyle your home things, cloths, do your laundry clean up and so on... In same way clean up your work email by unroll all unnecessary subscriptions in Inbox, that you never read (try Clean up Phone Apps. STAY CLEAN STAY AWESOME.
     Divide life time in 4 stages:
   a. Childhood - Play, Learn and Fun
   b. Young - Love, Learn and Grow Up
   c. Adult - Responsibilities, Take Care and get ready for Retirement
   d. Last Breath  - Live and Let Live. Stay Calm and Modesty. Yoga-Meditation to know yourself.
   There are both opportunities and obstacles. Winners always struggle till they win. Take advantage of opportunities and tackle with obstacles with a smart move. Because Life is "Just so you know"... a song by Jesse McCartney

9. Let's Paint/Sketch/Draw: Another way to see life on paper. A creativity has no end. Starting this can also help to develop brain unused part And grow the mind power.

10. Play Games: Challenge Brain on or play games to learn more skills. But be careful addiction to anything has an adverse effect.

11. Daily 7-8 hour nap: Reduce stress, increase alert level to perform best.

12. Gardening: Very hard for city people, but can do by just plant one tree and taking care of it.

13. Learn New Language: To communicate in more fun and loving way. Languages help to bring people closer. Start with Chinese/Thai/Spanish or any other, one by one. It's beautiful to know how to say "Good Morning" or "Hello" in many langues.

14. Shop at night: Though we can shop online. But there are many benefits of shopping at night. Get discounted night markets. Sometime after work, its best place to go around before sleep. It relax whole day work pressure. And make a calm sleep.

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