Our daily life span is only of 24-Hours

“Everyone knows that inspiration doesn’t last for long. Same as for bathing and so we suggest to do it daily”

Forcefully if i have to choose one productivity tip from all, this would be it:

**** Live A 24 Hour Life. ****

What is it all about?

It is to point out your mind, motion, action and everything on one day, to take one day at the time.

It may look different then a actual life. We always love to put our aims in first mind. That's where we become worried and whole day we keep care thous worries. Istead if think we are just small huamn that need to know the value of thanking to everything around us. Stop thiking on what we have to do whole life. Think about now and today, can easily set goals and achive within short span of time. Hence, Today and this hour will keep inspiring to do something that is awesome.

Setting Aims and dreams is not wrong. But more right is the way to achive it in our life on our daily bases.

It doesn't matter about yestarday or tomorrow. What more matter is Today to keep working on some task. Just go for "one day at the time".

Lets make simple things come first. After done the next. So here we go-

Concentrate only on One Goal: No two, Three, eight, ten goals. Just one. Let's remind yourself, in world only 10% of the people manage to complete their New Year Resolutions. Our mind nature is to keep on wondering around 100 of things daily. This make our focus to spread around and become thin, Result is the more important objectivity of our life is drained. Best is who is submissive to there one priority. The top level of priority. And keep doing it till it is achieved for that day. Life goes by fast. Before the day is pass undone, make sure from morning you are doing what actually need to get done.

Do High level of Activities:- There can be many activities to do at this moment, But the one that is high priority, most important, Life changing and in our control. DO IT.

Note down all the activities need to done now that helps to achive goal, and then put them in the order of execution. This is what I call a sequence. Once we have our task sequence, it becomes simple.

For me, It is important to breath in and out. A way of living that everyone does. But only 1% of people can understand the breath taken in that movement is ours. Rest is just in air like a past and future. Everytime reminding myself this, make me feel good. And what make me feel good, I do... Keep Breathing. It shoulds funny for me to say to everyone about my important activity. But yes, it make sense for me.

After my breath in every movement of life is done. I feel relaxed to do the other things along breathing. And staying in this movement of my breath.

You start living a 24-hour life (or 16-hour life, to be more precise).
Every morning you wake up, look at the list and start executing.

Your job for that day, and any other day from that point on is to do the best you can to get closer to the achievement of your goal, and next to that do the everyday activities.

That’s it. Just three things: goal, high leverage activities, and 24-hour approach.
Every once in a while, evaluate your sequence, cross over what was done, and add new high leverage activities, that didn’t make sense to be done earlier.

A couple of other useful tips
Stop hyping yourself up before sleep, promising that when you get up, you will rock the day. This just builds up the expectation, which only leads to demotivation if you procrastinate. Wake up, and go from there. One thing at the time.

Don’t burn yourself out. In the beginning, people rush into it, but in the beginning when any behavior is fresh, the habit, and by default your goal is unstable. This means that your focus in the first several weeks or a month should be doing as much as you can, consistently, every single day.

Focus on one hour at the time. From the moment you wake up, even though your goal should be to do the best you can for the day, your focus should be in the hour that’s ahead of you. Exercises presence, and discipline.

It is rewardless thing to complete any small task, unless we reach to the top task, that is said to be awesome. But yes, before that finial stage all this small task make us habit to keep on doing. And habit make us busy from wondering things that are not important in our life. It is not dreadful to work on our goals, so stop reward yourself with it.

This can be small article for all, but it has more values that make a life much more easier and simpler to live. This help in procrastination of our daily work. And add a habit to do things, and keep on doing every day. After all it is well said - "Practice Makes Man Perfect"

We all know to control little things. From the morning time we have full control on ourself. So start decide first thing to do and then second and next. Remember rest all other things are no longer in our control, so stop to be worrie about them… JUST DOoooooooo!! All little task combine and at end of the day it shows achievement of some worthy Goal. Or at least keeping the steps on our dreams.

It's not the overnight success myth. But constant doing the right thing, right task at the right time.

Self Improvement, Productivity, Education (Keep learning), Entrepreneurship, and Startup are the qualities need to add up for completing daily work. This keep motivate us and find the best things done on TODAY.

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