I wait to see you are completely mine

I just don't know what to do,
When you are not near me,
I keep finding you,
I missing you,
I want you,

I have no words to say,
When you forgot about me,
But I keep waiting you,
I have being so long,
Truely faithful to you,
And, I still feel same,
I keep waiting you...

The years after years keep passing by,
The breath in me is slowing down,
I may finish my life,
while, I am still waiting you,
To see, you are completely mine.

The heart is truely wishing to have you,
Always and forever to be with you,
To see you smiling for me,
And keep looking in my eyes,
The way I feel for you,
I wish you feel the true love for me,
Oh!! I still keep waiting you...

My heart start freezing,
But my love inside remain same,
I am keep getting older,
But my eyes still keep on looking at you,
Same as on the first time i look at you,
I feel the same for you,
Everything that we do together,
Was just amazing part of our love,
Ever single mood, emotions are us,
The love, kiss, smile, wink, anger, shout,
Everything is part of us.
And I still keep waiting you,
To see, you are completely mine.

Share every feel you feel,
Everything you do,
Every moment you sad or enjoy,
Every time of your life you remember,
I still wait to see you share with me,
Truly, Faithfully with a love from your heart,
I still waiting you,
To see, you are completely mine...

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