Be Positive Everyday

Act with Reverence and Patience and remain in His (Almight's) Will.

Be stubborn about nothing and flexible about everything, until you know your flexibility bring happiness and peace in everyone's life. Give freedom to others thoughts for thinking and act. Do of your own things by yourself and be sweet, kind to all. Learn to bring sweetness in everything you pass by in your life. Life will endure the fun. Tie yourself to a goal, not to the people or things or a place.

I feel, I think, I act and I experience the endless life without hoping any fruits from this karmic world. I feel compassion for everyone. I do Good to all and I pray to end my life in peace. Just do the right thing, and leave out all the rest. Be Good, Think Good, Speak Good and Do Best. Eat fruits of your deeds. Use the world for the purpose of forget to forgive [get to give]. Give and forgive everything with Smile to keep yourself Kind. Mind Thinking ends with Brain. Love Feeling ends with Heart. Greed Lust ends with Body. Soul Enlightenment remains with Divine. Who shall enlight themself, in the end will be known as Spark of Divine.

Mind is fast than air. Thinking run faster than Mind. Human is talented animal. Inside Human is EGO. Ego and Desire is cause of all sorrows. Human should be fixed on there WORDS. Means Respecting there own decision is important = Respect Thyself. And  we get Complete Satisfaction - "After Death"
Not only our age go with us but along goes is - Our Selfishness, Jealousy, Desire, Greed, Attachment and Anger.

If hungry can eat food. if sick can take medicine. With love we can finish all sinful acts of Mind. Just with Love to Almighty with attitude of "I surrender to you". Have Patience with total Trust and Submission to God and our Deeds. Win is surely in our side. Everyone has only one God. Feel pity on people who do wrong to others. Who hurt you or others. Feel pity on them and ask for blessings to open there mind for goodness to all. It is important to have faith and sacraments in each one of us.

"I am of God and God is of Everyone." - By saying this realise us we are part of one God.

"One said to do the right thing. Other accept to follow the right thing." It means both Talented. Both have sense of understand and acceptance for the right thing. This create peaceful way of working in our daily life.

"Before looking in others life. Look at your own life." - This make us understand no one is perfect. But by building our own life before speaking or commenting on others, realise us - How we are. Even if we are good in something but without any Ego, If we help to other needy person. It give a way to our talent to live for others in a balance way of living.

"You Inspire Me" - Say this to our mirror. It reflect to bulid our daily positive attitude and grow our confidence.

Keep our own pain within ourself. To others only try to take there pain and share your happiness. Only this shows our own greatness to ourself.

“never look back” Live up the fullest in this moment and keep on learning until death. Although the road to recovery may not always be the fast lane in terms of emotional healing, engaging in intentional, proactive strategies for success will pave the way to quicker restoration of well being and self-confidence.

Born or Die is in His(God's) hands. Who do good deeds, go to heaven. who do bad deeds, go to hell. when there deeds are balance, they get human body to walk on spritual way and get free from all this deeds and free from cycle of born and die. Moha make human stick on this earth. Give importance to God. Body is just useless, has no value. stop to love this body. Give all time to remember God. Death will come, no worries, it will surely happen. So relax. How much can take advantage of this body, just do it. Give all to God, Do good to everyone. Remain in His will. And get free from this life cycle.

Give importance to soul, forget about body and mind. Mind play games. Mind is like a mask on soul. Mind hide behind body face. So it always try to forget the true path. Stop been slave of this mind. Let this mind be your slave. Greed and Attachment is the ways of mind to make us fool. It always try to mute our consicious. We may forget ourself, but Greed for materials and Attachment to relations will always stick to us till we are in this body. But when we go under shelter of All-Mighty, then we get blessed.

We create heaven and hell on this earth itself, by our deeds. Good deeds make us feel like heaven and bad deeds create's hell around us. The best part of life cycle is SUN. Even all creators on earth come together, but can not be like Sun who gives light. In same way, only Master can show the way, because he is a enlighted one. Pray to God will always shows the way.

Don't angry for someone done wrong. Just give smile back. And wait for your deeds. Accept it whatever in return you get. Take time and keep on doing good to all.

Ash represent practice non-attachment (dispassion). And with giving things/money to neede represent sacrifice. This in all give us truth of death. Nothing belong to us. Everything belongs to Mighty. So don't worry, just be patient and have faith in him. We can be free from all burden's by taking His name. Leave the Ego and with Gratitude belive in Him, take his Name all time, Our all pain will stop and we will be Free from life-cycle.

Live life for others is the best way to use your life. Humans are under the pressure of  evil sin or flaw's  -> Lust, anger, greed, attachment and Ego. Lust can be overcome by being satisfied with the current moment. All  thieves can be overcome with selfless service and remembrance of God (meditation). Human's are themself Devil and Angel. Both qualities are there in them. Just walk in middle with smile to live life easy. Who don't run behind the happiness is always happy. Be satisfied, contained with everthing around us. Leave ego and bring kindness in you, it will make you Huge satisfied. Help others, so you will never feel lonely. Leave bad habbits will let you earn good health and peace. Keep working hard will bring happiness. Prayers bring concentration of mind for good things. Keep on giving, will bring blessings. Keep on Meditating, will let you free from this life cycle.

The Game of life never ends. Game starts from kids time. Kids Game of learn, play, friendship ends, Young Game of Love begains. It grows with marriage, born of new kids and game of business, money keeps on with daily expenses. The comes the Old Age Game, playing with grand kids, enjoying the free retired life. Step to the game of Death to end the life, and it keep on game to get again a new body. Born again to keep on Karmic strength. The truth of this world is death and the game of death and reborn. In all who remember the God all time, shall be free from the Karmic Timer.

Reliquary: - Sinful Mind when turn Senseless, with Discretion and Quietness it become Majestic. Then with total devotion, A Devotee see's God in everywhere, in everything. And the Aim of devotee becomes only to remember Him and enjoy His presence in everything and everywhere.

With all devotions who take His name, thy shall be free from all fears and pains of life cycle. Who listen His words - stories and songs, they shall experience the ultimate happiness, peace and enjoy satisfaction and remain in His Will.

Happiness: When mind got what it wants, it becomes happy. When mind not got what it wants, it is not happy. If mind is in calm state, then it is always happy happy. Mind if concentrate on one thing it will calm. If keep mind open, it always wandering and bring no peace. So to make mind in one state, We should remember the ultimate, endless enjoyment on God's Name. Eagerness of Meditation will bring concentration of mind to stop on one point ie. on God's Name.

Speek sweet to all. Do Good to All. Bring happiness to all.

Greed of money or of flesh, it make humans to move away from Truth. It make growth of anger, ego, ignorance, Selfishness, unfaithful, jealousy and so on enemy are grown. And there is no end. As we drink salt water, but thrust never vanish. So if want to find a way to stop mind, concentrate on God and stop loss of one own self. Put heart on God will stop all greed.

This is Death World. No one is forever. Everything keep on changing, climate, day change to night, people change and everything. Life is of 4 days. It is important to put this days in meditation of Almight. Everyone come alone, and go alone. Nothing can take it go anywhere. so why we worry and have greed to have this worldly desires. It is better to accept the Almight. Only for 4 days people stay together and then all relations are burried in fire. So let all worries get burn in fire. Respect others decision. Respect your own decision. Give everyone a pleasent smile. Help everyone with kind heart. Give yourself a happy time. Stop to look back. Just keep on smiling and walking with insightful eyes to look forward. Don't fight. If you make your family, friends and others happy. In return you will get happiness of giving happiness.

Leave all five evils of the mind:- Anger, Greed, Lust, Attachment and Ego. Ego of highness or power or knowledge, Greed of money or be materialist, Lusts of the flesh, Attachment of any relations or materials, And Anger on unable to get selfish desires. All this evils are created my mind, it generate no help to anyone. Hence, must be stop. 

Type of Sorrows:- Pain of Body due to disease, Pain of Mind for unable to get what we want. Any pain of body or mind turns our stable calm state of body and mind to worries. It needs to concentrate on solution. Solution of body and mind can bring peace. Overcame sorrow and suffering through meditation. Regret or disappointment of anything can overcome by "Just let it Go", "Keep on Walking" and "Keep on Smiling" Attitude can bring peace. Remain in Present, at this moment. Making use of every second - right now, right here is awesome. Perfect moment is only NOW when we act and make it Perfect.

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