Live a Life Abandoned

Give Flower for a slap.
Show Courage to demotivators.
Give Motivation to Looser's.
Be Loyal to Betrayal's.
Show compassion to Cruel's.
Be Honesty to Improbity.
Give Love to Hatred.
This is "Being Human" to all animals.   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Q.Who we are? A.Humans.
Q.Why we are? A.Compassion of Nature.
Q.What we must do? A.Compassionate Action.

4 Days of lovely living in this world, 4 days of relationships.
As soon as our eyes falls in deep sleep, all relationship are finished.
For whom we burn our brain & heart, Same people come to burn our body too.
For whom we use our blood like water, in water same people let us flow out.
As we do so shall we reap. The deeds keeps on return its fruits.
In the end, nothing we take from this earth, nothing we give to this earth.
We only use this place has our temporary stay, include our body as a costume of this World Play.
The 5 bad qualities we need to be away from - Selfishness, hatred, improbity, craftiness, fearless.
The 1 God in us keep asking us to attach with Him and follow the path of Self Realization / Actualization.

In this world sorrows, pain, sufferings are everywhere. One sorrow is of body where we feel pain. Other sorrow is of not getting things we expected that is mind sufferings. This both sorrows make mind not stable. This is not easy for everyone. So don't hope or expect anything from anyone, even from our own self. Keep mind in peace. Always remember God. Give all your sorrows with complete devotion to God. You will be blessed.

Greed for money and flesh make people mad. This greed make people fight with each other. It can stop to make anyone doing right thing. Mind is very destructive. Keep mind clean. Don't let any dirt come in mind. Keep it clean and it is mirror of God. Mind is like Temple. A place where all thoughts are collected, created, structured and grown to a level where every thought force us to act. Every action bring the mind thoughts to exercise the peace.

When people are in trouble and they feel the loneliness, God open the way to help troubled people and give a new hope. God is like a Coconut. He let us complete our deeds on earth itself. God angry on bad deeds, but when see hurt of people, He also give power to hold that pain and when right time comes He himself bring medicine with all goodness and happiness. We may think of God or not. But God always see's us, all time. Without His Will, a leaf of tree also can not shake. Stop to love body and its connected material things. Love of body will die with body. But love for Soul to God remains forever.

It is neither good to be envied nor displeased and not to be pitied but feel pity for who can not open mind to receive mercy and grace from Heavenly Father. This can overcome by building qualities like Friendliness, likeness, love, care, comfort, confidence, contented, good will, kindness, pleasure, cheer up, happiness, joy, pleased, fascinate, charmed, gratified, enrapture in His (God) Will. See the plus side in everything and every walk of life. Complete Trust and Faith with calmly Patience can bring the good time in everyone's life.

Experience the enlightenment brings realisation of all beings are known to one source. All originate and submerged in Almighty the Eternal One. Hence, while experiencing the enlightenment our action turns to compassionate. A compassionate action brings peace and endless joy to all beings. To Help everyone, to aid the needy and heal their pain and grief. "Compassionate Action" gives the oneness of all beings as a equal importance. Eventually, it is extended to others beyond the word of selfish love. The compassion is greater then love as it brings the love for all creatures as one love. Every Compassionate action need a wisdom to take a right step and lead to right effect. Wisdom + Compassion helps to keep the harmony of nature and a peace of our own mind. A balanced and stabilized world is always possible with compassionate actions. Our inner soul continually send an unlimited amount of healing energy and guidance to our body, but not all beings are receptive to it. Compassion opens us to be near to all enlightened creatures and enlightened spirits.

Self-Realization/Actualization is to grow and practice the self knowledge i.e. our inner master/soul to mind our thoughts that wander around this worldly desires. Actualization of knowledge bring the thoughts in action. It make our spirit to the state where we start doing will continue thinking the right doing for everyone with all kindness in heart. It is a way to process the compassion being inside everyone's heart. It bring us to the state of abhorred inaction and laziness. Talking to our ‘higher Self’ and believed in action above anything else. Accepting all the fruits of our own action with a peaceful mind. This help in deliverance from sin and its consequences i.e. salvation.

The ABC of Salvation is to - Admit the sins, Believe and Be Patience, Commit to Right Action.
1.Admit we are sinner and have made mistakes.
2.Belive and be patience to receive command's from Almight to get free from this sins.
3.Commit ourself to a life of truthfulness and kindness in services of others.

The 5 basic ways to live a life abandoned (i.e. without intending to return):-
1. Have a clear goal to work towards
   => Compassionate Action to bring Salvation.
2. Prioritise your everyday task carefully
   => Office Work, Self Work, Meditation, Yoga, Proper Diet Food, Proper Sleep.
3. Learn how to say “No” by saying “Yes” to Right -
   => Say yes to Good thoughts, Say yes to Good habbits, Say yes to Good speakers, Say yes to good actions. Be Positive, Think Plus will eleminate the No, Negative, Minus thoughts. And it bring Positive worldly people and things near to us.
4. Eliminate distractions
   => By thinking + in everything. Giving everyday a chance to change myself. Focus and Force to ACT. Per hour Task Accomplised.
5. Give yourself a well-deserved break
   => Take a long walk near waterside to calm the mind thoughts and relax body. Go to deep green areas like gardens, park, forest. Develop kindness by meeting animals in farm, zoo, parks, century etc. Get connected with lively world with a smile to bring smile on everyone's face.

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