Righteousness - A Way Of Living (Part 1)


What is God? A source of kindness. A power that gave birth to everything. If you believe, He is everything. And if you do not,He is nothing. His Love, Compassion and Mercy is on all. We may deny these feelings, owing to fear of feeling hurt. But without this feelings, Life can not exist. Creator of All never makes a mistake. So if we start blaming or finding doubts and mistakes in Gods creation and workings, than we will be disregarding Him indirectly. We can either have complete faith or choose to have no faith at all. There is no scope of doubt when there is faith. What you gained or what you lost and what somebody else got that you did not.. If you judge God on this basis, it will be selfish. It is just merely a deal. Instead, it is better if you don't believe in God. But if you believe in God, believe in Him as if you love him. Then it might be good days or bad days, towards Him your trust and faith must be firm. Your love for God, your faith and devotion towards Him should not flater.  And attaining this complete belief is the right way to live life. God is in everyone of us. He belong to everyone and everyone is dear to Him. He knows what is in your body, and what is in your mind. He knows everything you hide. Why do you hide from the One who controls everything? The day you reach your Goal, every child of God will be equal for you. Everyone will be equal for you.


Good Luck is nothing but the result of Good Deeds. The path of righteousness is the only path to be followed. This moment is the only thing you have in your hands. Good deed result in a successful life. There is a saying that hard work shapes destiny. The path of hard work is second to none. There is no substitute to hard wrok. This moment is all that you have. Life is accomplished when done good deeds. So Keep doing Noble Deeds. This is the most pious religion. Help others. That's the greatest veneration. The one who can feel the pain of others is supposed to be the most knowledgeable person. One who can please others selflessly, And can help them, That person is the richest person alive. Who control the inner thieves  of our mind, is winner of heaven peace on earth. The Six_Thieves inside us are lust, rage, greed, attachment, conceit(ego) and envy.  Happiness and knowledge has similarity, it grows the way you share it. People have been hurting to earth for ages to satiate their greed and fulfil their desires. But earth on the other hand never expats mankind to understand its problems. It never expects that the mankind will ever treat her well. Similarly, every person should carry out his duties without having any expectations. If we spend our days expecting results, than we won't be able to enjoy life. That's the difference between existing and being alive (truly living). If you want to win someone's trust, then put your trust in them. Do not react or judge the words said by others in rage. The fools tend to lose clam while they speak. You must not come to conclusions when someone says a few things in anger. People who are not wise enough, fail to understand this and hence, lose their cool for petty things. Everyone is only deprived of affection and love. Just care there feels, show your support in everything they do. Show the right way and Let them choose there ways. They have soul, mind and body same as you. They also have right to live same as you. Keep smiling and accept there decisions. Is only way to all relations. The one with a pure nature (Good Heart) cannot be affected by wrong company (peers). Even if a snake wraps itself around a sandalwood tree, it cannot leave any venom on it.

Introduce the quality of being human to humanity. Where there is fear, we must instill love. Endurance, humbleness, faith and patience are the four virtues of living as a human. Dignity lies in forgiving others. Move the curtains of Ego and observe people. Everyone will look the same to you. Happiness Resides where kindness dwells. Sin resides where greed lives. Doom befalls where rage grows. The Lord resides where there is compassion. Do you know when a person is alone? It is when he is concerned/think only about himself. When we are concerned and care only for ourselves. And we don't see anyone else, other than us. No matter how many people are with us. we are alone as we think of yourself only. But when we. are concerned about others and care for them then we are not alone even if no one is with us. So we are never alone. When an innocent and pure-hearted person is being treated unjustly. Even God, Himself, rushes to the aid of such a person. The first step of help starts with the right intentions. keep the right intentions, ability will follow automatically.


Greed, Aversion and Delusion are the causes for the origination of actions. wherever one's selfhood turns up, there that action will ripen. Where that action ripens, there one will experience its fruit, either in this very life that has arisen or further along in the sequence. Any action performed without any Aversion, Delusion and Greed are mighty solution to freedom from evil and a way to walk on enlightenment. When Delusion, Aversion and Greed is gone, deprived of the conditions of development, destroyed at the root, that action is thus abandoned,  made like a palmyra stump, not destined for future arising.

The person who enjoys being happy, is afraid of sickness. The rich is afraid of the king and a man with self-respect is afraid of humility and poverty. The powerful is afraid of his enemy. And the youth is afraid of getting old. The educated is afraid of debates. And the intelligent ones are afraid of stupid people. The body is afraid of death. Everything on this earth induces fear in a man. It's only the hermit who is free from all the fears of this world. Every deed has its consequences in this world. so don't worry. You reap what you sow. Endurance of bad consequences from bad deed can help to develope resistance of mind and body. Also, keep the desire for right intentions can help to build new good deeds. It is the rule of this world, Everything that has a beginning, has an end. What has bloomed today, will wither one day. And all those who are born will die one day for sure. No one has control over life and death. But if you have love and hopes in your life, then life seems beautiful. Life is a part of illusions and mere facades created by the omnipresent energy around us. The sooner people realise this, the sooner their sorrow abates. A child with his clay toy is happy and sleep well. Even he knows its clay toy and can break anytime in future. But he not care of future. He is still happy in this moment with this today's happiness.  No one can hurt the one who is protected by God. No one can harm the person even if the entire world goes against him. Lord is the saviour!

God has blessed us with everything. Yet, instead of finding satisfaction in it, man wants more more. And this greed turns into desires. He becomes a slave of his desires and when he can't fulfil them he becomes angry. Angry is the biggest enemy of a man. Because it destroys our ability to think. And when we stop thinking it's our end. Do not look down on others. Do not walk proudly on this soile either because egoistic people are not liked even by God. One that has his mind under his control is able to reach the God almighty. And such a person is not affected by heat or cold or be it joy or pain or any worldly thing. Everything is same for them. If one wishes to give shade to the world then one has to strengthen the roots. And roots will only grow strong if they go deeper within. The bird took a mouthful of water, but the water of the river has not decreased. A little altruism won't pinch your pocket.


There is a difference between fear and compassion. Compassion teaches us to look beyond our interests. It teaches us to give priority to the pain of others before thinking of ourselves. Doubts have to be cleared before you begin to have faith. You can only be alone only when you feel alone. If we faith in God and keep God remembering all the time. God is always with us. We are always together. As in our body itself we have 5 elements to make body. And Body + Soul become a living being. Means till body is alive - body always have support of Soul. It is responsibility of both to fulfill each other needs. Soul must understand body, and keep body healthy by proper food, proper exercise, proper sleep, proper happiness. Body must understand soul, and keep soul healthy by giving meditation and inner peace. Must find inner peace of joy in daily meditation. Meditation is the food for soul. The day people understand the right thing to do, they also realise there own bad deeds. They ask for the forgiveness of there deeds and learn to endure the consequences. This make them get free from there deeds. Leave all the hate feelings. Any work with hate feel in heart lead to the way where it become hard to come back. But if start new life with love and kindness it will live a life where no need of return. Only happiness and happiness is on the ways and in the end. Forgive the bad deeds of others to forget bad ideas with no revenge and start again life with love for almighty. Take name of Almighty, and start the right deeds again. Eventually it leads a step to enlightenment.

If we have a thought of serving others with sympathy and respect, it bring smile on everyone. When time is not favourable that is when one needs to be patient. It is the time to keep your heart intact. As far as humiliation is concerned, The fear of humiliation exists at a place where you wish to get respect. And at a place where you do not wish to be respected, the question of insult does not even arise. A person looses that thing which he is too proud of. There is no question or doubt in mind, just complete devotion towards service of others. Your faith demands complete devotion to bear fruit. There is no room for doubt in faith. It's only a belief, a faith. And nothing can be above that faith.

Respect your elders and take care them. If something happens good than say thanks to God. If something happens bad then learn from it, and walk ahead. help how much you can. treat everyone equal. Share your happiness and have sympathy for others pain. Be polite and positive in every consequences of your own deeds. Good deeds will always result good. Keep patience and faith in your own deeds.

"No other pleasure is greater than peace."
"Don't delay in doing something good."
"Don't fear. Keep yourself pure, and nothing will be able to harm you."
"Keep your composure as a protective shield, and you'll do bravely in the field."
"To do good is like light oil, it floats even on water as an iridescence over the surface."
"Memory of Love will always remain beautiful."

A combination of our own good qualities, such as positive energy in thoughts and deeds. Good attitude to endure and preserve the right virtues with strength and resilience, along with a pure sympathy mind, words and action. This will bring compassion toward others, without conceit or pride will lead to eternity. So, have sympathy even who do bad or angry on you. They are unknown of the thing they are doing. When they will realise, they will be sorry for it. The humans have a gift of gentle manners to be polite and kind all time. When we behave kind, we attract love. When we attract love, we attract positive energy in us. We start to love ourself as we love every animal around us. Be Cheerful, as soon as discouragement towards anyone or even to yourself comes. Remind yourself to "let it go". Practice to 'let it go' in everyday life is important than just to read it. Enjoy the 'Pleasure of Peace', as it is to remain in peace as long as our soul duel inside our body. Be free of all the external consequences and joy with the inner peace. Avoid mistakes by mindful thoughts before words and deeds. Daily practice the Triple trend: Virtue, Concentration, & Discernment. Be awesome like the most purest white and fragrant of all flowers Jasmine. Choose to do only the good and bloom in hearts of everyone. Life is a stage, Be toppest pure good heart like jasmine even for few breaths of your life. Do Good Rather than Ask for Blessings. Hard work is the key to every success. You can't achieve anything without it. One must resort to tough means to get the impossible done.

The peace is attent by
1. Be Honest: Honesty in our word and deeds.
2. Be Calm: Concentration and training mind to be free from anger, fear, delusion, lust, restlessness, greed and uncertainty. This make us decisive and be resolute.
3. Let it go: The world is changing all time. Todays pleasure is tomorrow's sorrow. So let it go. We are in Time phases, that is part of Greed, Aversion and Delusion. So become free and abandoned any greed, aversion and delusion of this world. LET IT GO.

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