11 Qualities - Skills to add value in Life.

Don't just read this qualities or skills but start adding this to value your life from NOW. #BeInspired. #BeSkillful. #BeSuccessful. #BeHappy.

Skill #1 Being Honest with Yourself - One of the big things that all startups need is the light of themselves. You know you've got to be very careful as an entrepreneur to be brutally honest with yourself. You may hear me as a mentor that you must know your business better than a money. My this, my that, and my my my... stop focus on my and be honest. Nothing is my. If honestly to be in big picture. It's of all. How everything works is how we are contributing to a solution. Forgetting about my, is a way to focus on all. And that's the way to be honest with yourself.

Skill #2 Right Listing - Right things to listen and Act on is only way to be a great leaders.  Learn to listen is just like a need to learn to be the last to speak. It's a ability to let others speak. It's ability to make them speak and listen. Then speak with a thought to ACT.

Skill #3 Right Speaking Up - would you like it or not get very comfortable and made a gray while with public speaking or in team, group speak. Just give your views to all. Sharing thoughts is always worthy not only to others but to yourself as a person we come to know yourself more, only when we speak.

Skill #4 Having Right Confidence - the factors to legendary success in your natural ability. It's not whether you have the right product, it's not whether you in the right field, it's not whether you had a right people to support, But it is whether you have Right Confidence. Right Confidence is like a catalyst or as a internal booster, a stimulator, a power rider. It create vibrant energy in yourself to produce more hard work, more smart ways, more ideas, more actions, more things to DO. Where other people see somethings as a problem, we simply do see it has an opportunity.  Other peaks people see it as a stumbling block black or a wall and We see it as a stepping on steps. Building Confidence is just like any muscle.  Like any muscle the more you focus on it and practice it and train at the stronger your confidence is going to grow and grow in your life.

Skill #5 Managing Your Time - We always say we are busy. But that not thing to change anything in our life. While, making time in such a way, we have lot of time to leisure. 80% of time, give time to yourself. 20% to others. We will have lot of time to enjoy life truly. If you have time you will always be creative.

Skill #6 Being Consistent - We know our job enough when we keep doing our work consistently. This create a ability to keep doing things and improving continuously, create a better way to success. Daily habits and daily routine play a wide role in our being consistent. By being consistent is by being present in the moment and giving yourself 100% to our Journey. Hence to be consistent is a Journey that keep on...

Skill #7 Staying Present in the Moment -  Happiness comes when we are 100% control on what we think and make our intention to do something. Then we act accordingly to our intention to do right here right now. This is awesome feel by being present in our action with 100%. Small single action to catch yourself in this moment is always a way to happiness.

Skill #8 Stop Whining, Complain, Criticize - Say it like No whining wednesday. This is to help you to remember all time to stop Whining. It is wonderful, by just stopping speaking of what we don't have or what we can't do. It help to give us more time and eventually help to be more creative to be more better.

Skill #9 Getting Enough Sleep - Sleep make us do things with more potential. A relax mind is a peaceful state of doing things more correctly.

Skill #10 Having Empathy, Sympathy & Compassion - the ability to understand and share the feelings of another create a right understanding and help us to act meaningful. It is the capacity to place oneself in another's position. And see the things with different angle. A way to see life with others eyes, give a wide scope to see how to live life on earth. In this way we can see positive side of people. We can have mercy and compassion to forgive there unknown things that let them act hurtful sometimes.

Skill #11 Become Selfless - In the the services of others there is no self feel or desire. But only a way to help others to let them be free from the pain and suffering they are going through.

It's not gonna be easy. There can be more challenges, and we can face it with wide mind to find right solution to everything we do. Help yourself to do something that we really meant for. Stop focusing on past time and blame on yourself. Everything has it's time. We need to focus on the moment. We can never be self made person, unless we stop relay on others for our needs. Just be more consistent everyday. And we will surely add this skills as adding values to our life. Do right by listen right, see right and speak right NOW.

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