Believing In The Good That One Possesses

Love is to make others Laugh and we also Laugh with them. Hence more than care, more than remember, more than missing, more than worry, more than kiss, more than hug, more than sharing, more than solving problem, more than anything, Love is just to be TOGETHER unconditionally, unintentionally, unrestricted of time, place and consequences to Laugh and make Laugh each other.


Unconditional Love is Selfless

The real way to understand others need in Love and giving full freedom to do and help them to do so it means Unconditional Relationship or True Love. It is a Sacrifice one's will to fulfil others will at any cost unrestricted of society and world thinking. Selflessly to care the enjoyment and fun part of others life with no ideas on what benefit it can get in return. World may think Unconditional is a kind of allowing pure fantasy or a myth of free love to anyone be shared. Or They may believe that it is not only True Love, but the most awesome thing to let it happen.

It never meant to make any judgement on anything in lover's life. It is free of all the society moral's that may deem it as evil or immoral. It is our judgement to analyse one's human has one step ahead of it so called inner Soul or Almighty inside our Lover. Then we can overcome all the outward flaws, alternatively we see the inner being with all the compassion from our heart where only God endure (remain in existence).

Give care, happiness, joy and everything that our lover need with selfless. It is a way to truly see the most worst part of Lover. But still we may think, They worth some of your compassion. This is the part of our inner Soul or Humanity to give forgiveness to who's sin's might be unforgivable by anyone else on earth.

Everything starts with SelfLove

Love yourself by stop chasing changes in yourself. Try to give love, care and compassion to others without their own need to change themself. For this first we need to accept our own self without seeking to change. If we insist one self to see change as most important factor, we try to bring conditions in effect on our own love for our self. Love must be unconditional, give love to yourself first and then to others in same way as unconditional. This may bring automatic changes in yourself and to whom we Love in more natural way, unforced, and unlooked for each other. It is only than we can deem this Love as Truly Given OR Unconditional.

Positive intention of giving everything to LOVE

There is need of our own sacrifice to love and make it selfless. This can make us to see the Lover flourish and find contentment. Only Positive Actions are involved from our part, just to see how love grow in his own way. This is a kind of contentment to yourself and see same thing in our lovers life. It drive the force within us to do whatever we can to help our beloved become the best version of themselves.

Truly loving is by giving and let it do everything with nothing in return to think of. It transcends all behavior and is in no way reliant upon any form of reciprocation. It is absolutely and thoroughly selfless turns to PERFECT LOVE. If think correctly how heart loves is in a way - it cannot be given in as much as it flows without effort from one’s heart rather than coming consciously from one’s mind. More accurately, it is the love that relies upon the beloved NOT acting in a way that the lover finds unacceptable or intolerable.

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