My glassy heart yearns to be shattered

In the desert there is a footprint apart from all,
Perhaps, among us someone is walking apart from all,
They all had their destinations,
They all knew their way,
But I drifted aimlessly apart from all.

The thirsty desert opened a gentle door,
As I looked at her apart from all.
Alas! She never glanced at my heart,
And, my glassy heart yearns to be shattered.

A mysterious girl, Crushes my heart,
Like a soft-stepping breeze,
moving through the forest,
I've tasted fire on her infernal lips,
At times she placed a dreamlike hand on my chest,
In moments of torment,
she laugh at my feverish desires,
Weeps silently in a lonely rooms,
Makes love to me in shifting shapes at night,
And in the morning Tossing her wild hair,
She moves toward the forbidden doors.

A mysterious girl Crushes my heart,
All those terrible demons you heard about,
One day will meet you in the daily grind!
All gathered in a common procession,
But where I goes apart from all.

Thy whisper, tender than the rose,
Thy speech, a rush of fragrance.
Thy parted lips leave us bewildered,
Our eyes yearn to hold this vision.
The liquid redness of thy lips,
As if edging to overflow.

It's of no avail to trace the song of Nightiagale,
You will find only the fistful of feathers,
Why do you ask about my whereabouts,
you from the East,
By mocking me and my tattered being.
I was once the pride of myself,
Where I live my life selflessly,
Fate struck the power of love,
And then left it in ashes,
Now, I belong to the city of ruins.

Love is the Demon Madness,
That claws at my heart.
It's a spirit,
that stealthily enters our soul.
Through rasps through the chinks in our dreams,
It tears into our hear,
By ripping the heart,
And makes it its home.
If I had to carry this much grief, Oh Lord,
You should have blessed me with more than one heart,
But there is only one heart.

Look at the alchemy of Love!
There is neither darkness nor light,
Neither you or me,
nor court or the courtier,
nor seen or unseen.
It's nothing but a void,
The world spins around the axis of power,
In this babble no one can hear the sound of revelation,
Perhaps those who enter the void can see the beauty of the beloved.

The room I've lived,
It's door was always closed,
I sat in that solitude,
But than the moon appeared,
And a raging madness descended upon me,
By the beauty of the heavenly beauty,
Wherever I looked I was dazzled,
Fairer than the houris.

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