Work, Love & Life - A Way Of Living (Part 2)

Give us one chance to serve you. Work is true worship. When we do a work with all our heart, diligence and integrity. We decide in our heart, that the job should be done with perfection. The passion to prove yourself better than last time. Then that work is consider as true worship. Veneration doesn't mean one needs to fast or worship. To complete the rituals in fear and in haste. It is just a devotion and dedication towards our work. If our work is to serve others selflessly, it become divine purity. We can see the presence for God in our work and deeds. Kind words and pure action is only way eternity. It brings good deeds and indeed it results peaceful consequences. Everyone has to go through their own deeds. One should never ask God to change their destiny. But one should pray to find solace in any given situation, to do once work and complete one's duty. Work enough to suffice your family. They should not stay hungry and no one leaves hungry from your door. God is Great!

A conscientious person discharged his duties no matter what consequence occur. The biggest duty is serving people. A need get the excess of your portion is a service not just to people but the creator of all. We need to be like a atheist. When an atheist donates and serve to others, he does that without any expectation. He doesn't donate money to impress God.  Real wealth is goodness, compassion, morals and peace. Other wealth of money is for service of others.

In any relationship, there must have love, loyalty and respect between one another. And to express them, there are many ways. Appreciate them, give them everything you can to express your gratitude towards them. It is important to make each other realise that you won't abandon them at any cost. You should always support each other. Then there won't be any crime happened in relationship. It will remain beautiful as oak tree. Just keep adding sweetness of water in a relationship. In Relationship you may know both love each other. But always need to express your feelings with beautiful words and actions. Words are powerful enough. You should make it a point to express your feelings to each other. That hold secret to a happy relationship. Lack of communication between any couple's gives rise to misunderstandings. There is no point to keep your thoughts with yourself. Before judging someone, or before breaking ties with them, you must think about the good times that your have spent with them. Think about all the good things that they have done for you. Love is to show the kindness, friendliness and love towards each other.

No big enemy is than laziness. No great friend is than our own hard work. Sacrifices come when we think of selfless help for others. Keep speaking truth and have fear of Almighty towards our deeds. Relationship can gain their value, only on bases of truth and sacrifice. All of them are lonely from within. They are in darkness. Do not broke the bond of love. A relationship once broken cannot be mended. It creates a rift forever. God is our saviour.

Joys and Sorrows are a part of our life. Do not let your mind get distracted. Never lose hope. Always remember that the times will change. Dawn is after the darkness. Body beauty will go away with time. And there won't have any value. But the beauty inside heart will keep on growing as per time to time. From body we can get enjoyment today but tomorrow pain. From inner heart, we get devotions today and inner peace tomorrow. So in fight of Enjoyment vs Devotion OR Body vs Heart OR Mind vs Heart, win is of inner heart to know to the complete devotion towards God. The Ego can not be strength of a person. If anyone ego about there beauty then the person starts deceiving himself. He starts adding to his sorrows. Because outer beauty will fade someday. Then what will happen? Would the person not repent for not understanding the truth earlier? There were many things in life apart from the beauty. Would he not repent for not understanding this? Would he not repent for not understanding the real person hidden behind the beauty? Do good deeds. Because World need good deeds. Don't make your beauty your identity. You must create your identity with good deeds that it becomes your beauty.

The count of the abuses will only increase if you respond to an abuse with an abuse. And it will end right there if you do not respond. Moreover, there is nothing wrong, to smile back on world unknown illusions and abuses. It only reduce pain inside us and help us to live remaining days of our life more happily. When our own family, friends had betrayed us, Almight comes to support us, save us from all the consequences of our deeds. Just keep the believe in him and Patience. Almight is compassionate to forgive all sins and help every needy on right time.  Don't see yourself with others eyes. Going astray is not a sin, But hurting others by words or action is a sin. Bringing pain to others life is   a sin. Breaking trust of others is a sin. Who need the help most is first ourself. So that we can stop committing sins. And become good. If you want to get respect from this world then first respect yourself. Respect your dreams, your specialities and your individually. Just act the way you are on the inside. By doing this you will respect the Will of the Eternal for which he gave you life. Also, you can learn to respect others only by respecting yourself. All your sins will be erased by God's kindness.

Everyone should find their ways by themselves. Even if the destination is common everyone has to travel alone. We cannot be dependent on someone. Not even our own Family, Relative, Friend, Teacher or anyone. God is our protector. Giving yourself in His service is only the best option. When we create trouble for others. We always forget we are creating same trouble for our self. As you sow so shall you reap. Be Helpful, Kind, Think Positive all time. Respect elders, family members, relatives, friends and even who trouble you. Will one day change there mind to think same way as you think for them. Give Service and Dedication to work for others selflessly. If you will hope for something, and be courageous, then that thing will definitely reach you. People who trouble us, we should still help them. People does what they can. Similarly, we do what we can. We do not have any enemies or opposers. When you consider others as a children of God, it will not be difficult for us to help everyone. Also, by this we understand the right is with God to punish the sins of others, we don't have right. Also, for this have society rules, laws. Everyone has to repent for their sins. We can only have love, compassion ans service for others. We should only feel pity for the people who wish ill for others. Because we know, by hurting others is just wasting our precious lives. We cannot change them. But we can try to guide them in right path. Don't promise for anything, just practice and make an attempt to happen. If we fail, at least we learn something, but if we promise and failed, it hurts and pain. No need to promise, just give assurance of your attempt to make it happen.

If we are with Truth and accept all truth, we feel peace. If we accept truth, it will give inner power to feel good about it. It might be, the way of Truth is hard, very harsh, painful but it is always peaceful to our heart. A Truthful person always advice for good things. But a deceitful one's may advice, offer, punish, exploit. Deceitful people only knows victory by hook or crook. If you think money can solve all problems, then you make earning money as your aim. You start running after the money to possess it. And while running after the money, you eventually become a slave of it. The one who has money thinks that he can get anything done with the help of money. And the one who doesn't have it, he become slave of money, yearning for it. We can definitely buy facilities but not happiness. One who is merciful, the one to who the sufferings matter, the one who supports the weak. The lord resides in such a person. A good ambience, good things/articles and the company of friends - this things are as important to me as water is for a fish. Good and bad is our intention, how we use our wealth. Good Use or Misuse of anything creates a deeds and has its consequences. If an a person get lost in his happiness so much, that he can't to see the sorrows of others. Then such wealth or knowledge is of no value. It all depends on one's intentions. Right intentions makes right deeds, indeed good consequences.

Live & Leave life like a RECLUSE (solitary, hermit, ascetic, eremite, marabout, anchorite, troglodyte, reclusive, monk, withdrawn, loner). No want for any place or object or people or any life. It is always better to find the truth than merely predicting. Nothing is permanent in this world. Sad time and happy time keeps follow back each other. Wheel of time keep on going, we can keep on walking on path of humanity. In any condition, we can be polite. Should not insult anyone. If done mistake then must apologise, and should not repeat that mistake. Learn from mistakes and be motivated all time. Keep your mind all time pleasant. Praised the Lord!

It is not Love, if it restraints you. It is not love if it is based on conditions. Love is something that frees you from all shackles and bonds. Who Free's the love and who can endure all pain with a smile on face is a true lover. You will leave this earth one day. Just carry the words of love that you share to others. Your deeds can give you peace of mind.

Is their a perfect way of living? The right way to lead one's life is by respecting each and every aspect of life and not just one's own life, but of everyone. It is possible when a person is concerned about his own development, along with the society, animals, birds, trees and nature also. After that praise the wonders of Lord on earth and remember Him in everything and everywhere. Above all, finding a way to peace is a perfect way of living in harmony. But still everyone has to find the path to peace by themselves. Even if the destination is same, everyone has to go on the journey alone. So you cannot depend on anybody. Even if they be our parents, teacher, friend, spouse, children or of any relationship. We came here alone, We have to find our path alone, Decide our choice to live the perfect life in our own way. We may follow the footprints of other sages. But everyone has its own twist and turns. And to accept the consequences of one's deeds, is a way to peaceful living.

Who is perfect Human? A perfect human is he who never asks, never makes anyone feel about who he is and why he exists, but know himself his existence is a helpful to bring peace. He always make everyone feel relieved when someone go to him for help and there confusions get cleared in his presence. He never ties or sets limits of anything, keep everything free to nature. He neither praises or complains to anyone for anything. He always have mercy, compassion, affection, love and sympathy towards all. He is fearless of all and pay respect to all with devotion. He feels happiness and pain of all. His company to all make feel free to speak and do things without any hesitation, has he accept all bitter truth without anger, without greed and with selfless nature. Indeed, The person who makes us sense this freedom is perfect human being.

What should change to make life better? Bring equality and freedom to all in every aspect. Create atmosphere where we feel free to breathe, express our feels, show our inner ideas, allow to do things in different ways. Indeed, allow to grow together in free ways that make better world.

What is most difficult? Memories. Memories of oneself - the painful days are most difficult to vanish. It can cure with time, but very difficult to remove them completely. So one must never hurt anyone, by his words or action. Broke the temple, mosque, church, but never a heart of a person. Keep the trust of people who trust on you. As where there is truth, there is trust, their live God. We only have to remember - "He(God) is only one owner of all"

Never fail to pacify dear ones, a hundred times, if need be. One must always keep stringing beads, no matter how many times it breaks. Every work done with pure and heart is always best. Be like a Sun - Every morning it rise up. Everyday it sees good and bad things in the world. It is witness to everything. But that did not affect its ways. It still rises every morning, without any discrimination, without any expectation, with the same light and energy.

Realising the Truth and accepting it gives us strength. When we realise our purpose of life with certain things or people have ended. We stop to be annoyed with them. And learn to keep on walking. Everyone is born with purpose. After completing there purpose of life, we can set our soul free from this body. Till that this body will keep on doing things as per our purpose of life is meant for... To know one's purpose of life is to understand yourself. It will come to know according to time. When you realise your purpose of life, than your heart will not make any other choice. For you, nothing will be more important than that. Neither Wealth, nor your life, neither yearn for joy or fear of sadness. There will be no to all kind of things that bring anger, greed, temptation, worry... None of it will matter. Only your purpose will matter to you. There will be complete fulfillment. Nothing to gain or loss anymore. There is only peace. Learn to appreciate everything and all kind of people around us. Give a pleasant smile and praise them for their existence. Find something good in everyone, and let them know. How they are awesome!

It might be hard to walk on the path of sage. But only that way is best way of living. Appreciation, helpful, compassionate and merciful on all can lead to peaceful mind, body and soul. Forgive everyone easily. Be Polite, humble and kind. Look on positive side of everything and good qualities in everyone. Always appreciate them without any complaints on any negative points or there bad deeds or bad nature. Even brutal, cruel, bad thing or being have usefulness and goodness in its own way. It is said that the destiny is the fruit of your deeds. Performing good deeds is the only virtue. Whatever you have embrace it, TAKE IT. Keep doing good and your life will be blissful. If you regret your bad actions. You have paid for your sins too. But to some extent, your are unable to accept the fact that you have done some bad things in your past. It is just like you are running away from your true self, your family and your past. It just need we accept past. And keep doing good deeds.

Always remember this - You may mislead and betray the people will all your cleverness but some or the other day the truth will come to light. Because Truth is like the sun that can be covered by the clouds for some time but it can't cover the sun forever. Those who have no one, have God by their side. And He guide such people. God always dispense justice. The Almighty up above has right to do all the justice to all creatures. He, who can see everything here. He will dispense justice. He is the Almighty. When He can grant every wish, He will surely dispense justice. Have faith and patience.

love what you do
Love only to what you DO, And love the way you DO. Forgive yourself for what you not do, But don't forget, learn a lesson and Leave it, the way you were not meant for it. This help to keep on walking with smile for doing right things in our life. Also, it is a way of Loving Life by doing different things and keep moving forward with smile.

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