Everything happens as per God's Will.

Your life is a duty towards humanity. You are your own Talisman. You must control our fury, greed, malice, jealousy and emotions. Make our wishes so small, that it not effect our inner consisous mind. For success you need to keep smiling, be patient and calm in every situation. Always think and hope for positive outcomes for everything happens. Have full faith in our Creator who does everything good for all. If God wills, everything will be good.

Be sensitive, kind-hearted, compassionate, merciful and sympathy on everyone. This are divine qualities. We can encourge others to fly to the sky they deserve to reach and see there own potential of their life. We can help others to fulfil there wishes. By doing this you will turn yourself as Angel. People's love, affection, trust, confidence, benevolence and respect make us richest in the world. To gain this, we first need to give them same.

Marriage is meeting of two different people with different nature, character, daily routine, desires etc. But after marry, both has same intention - success of marriage life.  Successful marriage is success of family, work, society and business. For this both patners need to leave there own desires, and give priority to responsiblity towards family and society. For this required, sacrifice and devotion towards each other. After marry two people thoughts and intention of life become one. This is base and soul of married life. Also, Value of partner is in there good qualities and not in bad qualities or outside beauty of body. Expecting anything from gone love is futile.

The one who's heart is filled with compassion. The one who is most merciful and kind. The one who becomes the support of the weak.  His heart is the abode of Eternal Happiness. Often, we see others as we truly are. And expect same kind of actions as we do to others. So for nice one's everyone seems to nice. And it's really great to be nice and see goodness in all. It only create a positive energy from us towards all. It may attract negative radiations, but if force of positivity is higher then negativity is negligible. Hence, we can be kind, it encourge others to be kind too..

When someone tries to do good in the world, the people that surround him are positively affected by it. Indeed, it is profitable or beneficial to everyone around us. Do whatever makes you feel good without any expectation in return. Stop being worried about the worldly things, relations, selfish desires. If not get anything good in return, feel winner for being able to give back to this earth. This Earth is our mother. And all creators are like our friends, born from same mother Earth. We are born from our planet elements like fire, water, soil, air, sky etc., and anything we return back to nature or it's creators (our friends) is always less than what earth has given us. This understanding is always required for being humans.

Nobody ever gets something before time and more than it is destined. Have Patience, stay patient. If you find the ground, you can touch the sky.

Hunger, sex, sleep are common in Humans and Animals. Emotions is only one perspective that differentiate us. How much you have greed for money, lust for flash and power of weapons is always less. The greatness is in self satisfaction of remain in calm by feeling the emptiness inside us.

The most precious thing in the world for us is our own TIME. The time we spend in moments, creates steps to complete the journey of our Life. The time we spend in moments, must give happiness to every dear one around us. It is our responsibility to spend our so precious time with our dear one's to make them happy. Try our best to keep fulfilling your responsibilites and keep doing your duties. It is a kind of worship towards our Creator and it's Creatures & other Creations. When life becomes difficult, when one gets anxious and cannot find a way, when one sees darkenss all around, when you lose path and do not understand what to do, Then Take the path of devotion and patience and keep treading it. Worship and patience will take you to your destination. Your determination and faith will show you the right path.

When you find there is no any other option in life, remember - "The things that happen are always by God's will". It's not our will. Whatever we think or want or whatever we plan does not matter. His Will is the last statment that happens. Never quit being patient. You must stay strong. For river to become one, it must hit the harsh rocks on the riverbanks. River (humans) Struggle never end, until it meets Ocean (Enternity - The Almighty One). Struggle take us go to fulfilment of self purpose of life. Who knows His purpose of life need to struggle and have patient.

Whatever happen wasn't because of any good luck but due to our good deeds done with total faith, confidence, positive attitude and positive thinking. If one has faith in himself, he can move mountains. It can change anybody's mind. Failure can be turned into victory. But there is slight difference in total confidence and over confidence. Total confidence is something where one keep doing what is right. Over confidence is something where one thinks he is doing right, but is unknown of Truth or he not willing to accept Truth. Trust is strength when it follow the way of doing right things at right time with dedication and continuation of doing good deeds, know and follow the path of Truth and Justice. Not to Lose Hope. We become what we think. Our thoughts define us.

If someone is not able to correct there misbehaviour and there bad ways of act, then it does not mean we should abandon doing Good Deeds. We must keep doing our path of doing good act. Example: Frog is trapped in a pit. It has trie very hard to get out, But it has not been able to come out despite all its efforts. And it gave up. But Frog outside the pit is his friend. It has not given up. It is encouraging its friend. "I have belive on you, you can come out of pit." Consider yourself as a friend of anyone. You have two options. Either abandon your friend and leave. Your friend will admit his defeat as fate in a while. Or you can encourage your friend, like that frog outside the pit. Encourage with hope and patience that your friend is capable of coming out. That he can get out of his hole. Try your best, you will pass out every test.

Life is like a wrestling and wrestling teaches us lessons. Where do you wrestle? - In the Ring. To defeat whom? - The one who fight us / Your competitor. What if you don't deaft them? - Then one has to be defeated. In similar way it realate to life. Life is like a wrestling ring. And not just one but a person has to fight many things. Lust, envy, greed, attachment, inebriation, lies arrogance, impatience, intolerance, restlessness, unease, stress... All these are the challenges of the mind. We need to fight these in our minds. They are our true enemies. That control our thoughts. And then try to control our actions. In wrestling, we try to save ourselves and control the enemy, we need to implement that in life too. If you miss it once, you will drop to the ground.

You are humans. Hence, You must endure everything around you. Remind yourself of being human, help you to follow path of HUMILITY and KINDNESS. Humility is also refered as delicacy, tact, courtesy, urbanity, submission, lowliness, politeness, humbleness, attentiveness, obligingness, pudency, submissiveness and so on. Where as Kindness is a kind of affection, warmhearthed, gentle concern and care of everyone. It is selflessness, altruism, compassion and sympathy towards all. Humans are most understandable natured with big-heartedness and generosity, and can cross the mountains with kindhearted. Kindness is also termed as benevolence, benignity, friendliness, hospitality, neighborliness; generosity, magnanimity and charitablity. Giving is the only way to show your kindness without expecting anything in return.  And politeness in giving by lowering head, help you to over come all inner ego, rage and greed.

No one is completely happy in this world. But if ask to anyone, they just say "there are some movements". So if someone is happy for any reason, don't stop them from smiling, laughing and be happy. Let the happiness grow in this world. Because there are only some movements. Rest life is very harsh. Very little people in this world can get the happiness they wish for... Let it grow, Let happiness grow in there life. Neither feel anger, Nor any envy. It will bring peace in life.

Helping and serving someone is a noble deed. But do not consider it your right. It is just on needy to give you right to help and serve them at right time of there need.

Do you want something? If you are really in need of it and if you ask for it wholeheartedly you will definitely get it. Who's heart is not clean, God also can't to help. You can ask anything, but yes, you should know what you want.

When you have reached a fork in the road. God Help you find the right path and take control of your life. He become our guardian. He bring immense knowledge. He is the epitome of purity. when one is surrounded by the darkenss of ignorance. You bring the light of knowledge.

If an entity is served then it is not service. The feeling should be same for all. And it is based in love. Which bears fruits of love too. A true service hold no place for contempt against another. The rest all are mere means to appease the image of one's own ego. Nothing else. Nothing else at all. He is the one true Master ! Praise the Lord !

God will sometimes end a relationship for your protection. Don't chase after the person He's trying to save you from.

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