What are negative thoughts?

What are negative thoughts? An illustration - Hold the small mug of water. It is light weight. You can hold it how long. It defines your stamina. However, it has impact. It numb our nerves and same water mug holding from long becomes heavy. Hand become numb and Mug of water fall down.

Negative Thoughts are just like small light weight mug of water. If you hold it for a short while it appears light. If you hold it for long, it appears heavy. And if you hold on to it adamantly and not put it down. Then the outcome is numb hand can't hold it any more. Same happens to your mind and brain. If you harbour such negative thoughts for long, your mind will become numb and stop working gradually.

Same happens to your business, studies, work, relationship and everything around you. If you couldn't sell something for few days continuously. Or you can't remember anything of your studded part. Or your relationship is in trouble due to external factors. You got scared and grow worried for your future.

This results, You got lost in your thoughts. You stop interacting with others. You stopped greeting others with smile. You stop meeting people and forgot smiling. Even if someone visited you or your business, you would be lost in your world. So, customer lost interest in you gradually. They stop visiting you and your business.

Public relations is very important in any business. One needs to maintain a cordial relationship with everyone. And you forgot this completely because your brain is busy with negative thoughts. You start believing that going to business place is pointless, since no one buys any of your product or services. After that, you stopped going outdoors. You start cursing your fate. Your mind got filled with many negative thoughts. Like, you might be less educated, or others competitors are using better technology or your partner is in love with another, and they are better than you in many ways.

The problem is with your mindset and nothing else. It's a fact that our thoughts and mindset decide our fate. It's a fact too that we get into situations at times. Which are beyond our control. But how we deal with them is up to us. Our behaviour depends on our thoughts and mindset. And our behaviour and actions decide our fate. Getting negative thoughts is obvious when going through a crisis. But it depend on us how long we hold it or How can you get rid of negative thoughts! It's fact that it's difficult to stop thinking. But it's up to us how much we get influenced by them. The more we fight, the more complicated it will get. The more we get scared the more we will be suppressed. Hence, don't stop thinking. Let thought come to your mind. But don't waste your energy on negative thoughts. Neither resist them, nor harbour them. Focus your energy on your Goal, Dreams and Faith. Your negative thoughts will fade, if you don't pay attention to it.


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