Happiness is within

Leave your love free, and do everything that makes you to be YOURSELF. Do the most important thing, that makes other feel happy of your existence. Life is crooked. Just practise each day to smile with your own simplicity, beautiful, lovely, carefree nature. We make our own choices. Accept the changing world, fight for survival of the fittest. Practice to endure the consequences of your own choice. Practise to lead your life always with a next big thing to do...

"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change." — Charles Darwin, 1809.

I have NO right —
To disturb someone's life.
To be with someone who don't want me.
To talk while they just thinking of someone else.
To smile back, while they have no feelings for us.
To hold hand, while by mind, heart, body and soul — they are always with someone else.
To ask them for forgiveness and back in our life.

I have right —
To endure the pain deep inside.
To be silent in strong thunder.
To take care of this body as a Temple of Soul.
To remember the Almighty for His gifted Mind, Body and Soul.
To Thank Him, and remain in His command, for next step...

I belong to God, God belong to all.
Inside me is God, God is in all.

My everyday is like a punishment,
I am punished of been so bad person on this earth,
I am punished for fail to keep my beloved happy,
I am punished to see the impurities in everything,
Yes, I am punished to hurt thy feels,
My punishment is to see thy happiness with others,
Because I fail to give you all happiness, that you deserve.
My punishment is to be quiet and hide my all emotions and cries.

Whatever happens is for the best,
I just wish to let my beloved be happy,
And I plead you my Lord to pardon me,
Pardon me, to be free from this memory,
That someone as ever loved me,
That someone was ever my beloved,
Pardon me death, oh my Lord...

I keep saying myself —
Take it light,
Just chill,
Do Good with yourself,
Forgive yourself,
Love yourself,
Treasure yourself,
Be your own friend,
It will be alright,
Meditate and feel yourself,
Honor your feel,
Survive yourself,
Stand by yourself.

But —
I belong to my Beloved,
how can i wish my Beloved belong to me?
Inside me is my Beloved,
how can i wish inside my beloved is me?
I dedicate to my Beloved,
how can i wish my Beloved dedicate to me?
I give my pride to my Beloved,
how can i owe my Beloved pride back to me?

They all just left me,
And I feel desperate,
In need of their support,
I want only my beloved,
To hold this heart back.

Hide the deep feel inside,
Remember you all the time,
How are you?
What you do?
Should ask to you,
but just everyday this question remains with myself.

Wanted to tell you,
how much I miss you?
How you could know?
Unless you hear the word,
I wanted to say to you.

Come back,
Babe please come back,
I am your beloved True,
Waiting for you,
Waiting for you...

Happiness is all around you,
Sadness is all around me,
How could i ask you to be with me?
I am just another idiot in this world,
who don't know the meaning of love,
And happen to love you,
And its just True.

I may ask you many times,
Pardon me, Forgive me,
I am not a sage,
who can know and do everything,
the way it should be,
I may be crooked,
I may be broken inside,
I may be hurtful,
But I still want only you,
How could I tell you,
Yes it's true,
I am in love with you from years,
And still will do Forever, it's True.

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