I truly love you — Happy Halloween 2018

If you can hear me, Hear me now.
I am just disappointed from you, you know how.
I may have hurt you, I feel sorry.
But I truly love you, that's it i know now.

I keep trying my best,
to let you come back,
But nothing works out,
I feel so hard inside out.

I know you don't care,
The way i feel bad,
Just to say you - I truly love you,
oh ho hooo.. I truly love you.

I care about all little things,
And never have let it pass,
We have fight for this,
And so I made mistake,
I have hurted you so long...

Babe just listen your heart,
I everytime use to say you.
Today I not see myself in your heart,
And I feel so low and so far from you.

Is there anyway? That,
I can let you come back and say,
I am truly in love with you.
Oh ho hoooo... I truly love you.

The sadness inside me,
Isn't find a way to stop me,
From being think all time of you,
Oh ho hooo... I truly love you.

The madness in me,
Is all time think about you,
It's just I want you understand me,
So truly, I am in love with you.

I don't know,
How could I bring you back to me,
And you too feel disappointed with me,
Why I don't know,
That you no more want me...

The only way I see,
If you can look at me,
The way I look at you,
And come back to be with me,
Talk to me, Oh ho hooo... babe talk to me.

Be with me, from the morning to the all night,
From the night to throughout day,
Babe just be with me.
I feel alone and so lonely.
I need you to be with me.
Babe just be with me.
Oh ho hooo... I truly love you.

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