Keep on Walking — is a way to live in Today!!

Stay day per day is my Life. My life has only one day i.e. My Today — And I am very grateful to this day to come in my life. Whatever I do, I just do it with smile. No Regrets for yesterday, just Learn from it and forgive? No Hope and no expectations for tomorrow. Give and let it go... is the way of living. What I did, just let it be. What I will do, just let it happen. Do good and forget in returns!! For Now is nothing fix, just let me flow in Now. #LiveNow #CareFree :)

How my day should be?

EveryDay has only 2 aspects to do:
1. Learn: Learn from everything around you. Why? Because it helps today to Act Wisely and more better than yesterday.
2. Act: Good thoughts make good ideas. Good ideas makes good mood, good style, good look, good food, good health, good exercise, good sleep. All this make good life. Act but don't react on silly things that waste our energy. What's use of thinking about something that has no action. So keep on doing something. Act on something to live life more lively. Force yourself to #JustDo #DoitNow.

This helps to Keep on Walking...

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