Headstrong Understand When Make Mistake

No matter how many good thoughts you sow into minds of headstrong, they will not sprout. They will understand only when they make a mistake. And that mistake will hurt them to such an extent that they will get rid of all their bad habits. They will understand how to differentiate between right and wrong. Money earned by hardwork bears fruit and stays long. When you intend to donate a part of your earnings to the needy, your money bears fruit. Where there is greed and selfishness prosperity does not stay. Be patient. When God punishes things fall into place. Whatever happens is all because of our own deeds.

Destiny is the result of your past deeds. Karma is what matters in life. What you have now is precious. If you do good deeds, your life will be fruitful.

Love is like that Gem, it needs to everytime clean and polish daily. It is inside everyone of us, just we forget its value in our life. This Love Gem is not outside, its within us. The true joy is loving each other. By respecting the others, and respect their roles. Everyone as some flaws, some virtues and some vice. But if someone does not express and not tell you but tries to help you mend your ways.. To guide you on right path and accept you without any terms or binds.. That is Love. And if someone fails to do so then one can at least praise your attempts to do so. We must remember the importance of each other. We have such great gifts and joy all around but we pay no heed to them all. So we should stop to focus on what the other has gained. What progress does other make? "Who knows by what grace we are gifted with this life! Who knows next life we will be humans or not. Do we have enough time to love and respect each other. Time is less, and we waste our priceless time in hating each other."

God has given us 2 hands for service and good deeds. Why do you take the wrong path? The right path leads to God. Praise the God.
Drinking capacity, Living strength, Account Balance and Fear of His Name should always be 100%.
Greathearted people have just one place to be. They follow one God and only one Master. 
Let others feel proud by been brave. Destination shall bow down before you If you have courage like steel to follow the path. 

After do chores, we understand to earn our keep. We should not be worried about others good or bad behavior or activities. This is our family, hence it is our duty. We must try all we can to uphold our duties.

Rest easy, my heart. It takes time for events to unfold. No matter how much water does a gardener pour, only the spring will bring fruits.

God keep everyone's deeds account separately and give all fruits accordingly. Stop been jealous of your dear ones. God is always generous to who do his duty wholeheartedly without any hope on worldly desires. He who shows gratitude in His will, shall always be Happy. What can be greatest celebration than making others happy? Let all be happy, and happiness will take care of itself.

Be Nice, calm and patient for good things to happen.

Everyday wake up, look yourself in mirror with smile and say - "Your smile is one and only most beautiful thing in the world. Keep smiling and make all smile back to you. I wish to let you keep smiling forever. I wish to let you be happy with all the things that matter to you most. I love you and hope you are nice to all."

A person gets scared when he feels he has control over things. However, if you believe that the Lord is your master there's nothing to fear. Because He is always right. You always be braved under His shelter. Giver yourself to Him and He take care of the rest. Bow to the Lord and be thankful. Have faith in Him. Have patient, end would be better than Today.

whoever understand his faults and mistake, accept it, ask for forgiveness, deal with its consequences and take step for improvement of his shortcomings. That person has win his ego, anger, greed, lust, lies fear and ignorance. And his moving towards the consciousness and truth. This change is a new start of life.
More than your happiness is nothing.

To do any work more better, it is important to do it from your whole heart. Not to show others or to make others happy. First of all, make yourself happy.  Because if you are happy, then others will also be happy. If you will like any work, then others will also like it. Yes, Some may don't like your work and defame it or criticise it. Some people even give you suggestions. Just learn, whoever you can learn from. Keep your mind open. If you want feedback, then be ready for both good and bad feedbacks. Never stop practicing. Because only practice can bring you success. Do not be afraid of mistakes. Because mistakes teach us what is right. Most important, Do not let anyone else to become the source of your self-confidence. Respect your decisions and yourself. If someone you feel is doing wrong, you can suggest and show the correct path. Changing to right deeds, is in their hands.

A Visionary Idea -

  1. Beauty comes with understanding. Understanding is highest ability of doing things.
  2. Life in  3 words - Honeydew, Love and Sacrifice. Love is a tear of happiness in Gods Eyes. Tear is end of happiness and sorrows. Happiness is fake = lie. True Honeydew is Sacrifice the world and remain in His Will.
  3.  In Battle field the biggest Weapon is Courage. 
  4.  The hardest time in life is to face the results after exam.
  5.  The biggest gift is blessings.

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